Ivy League Capital LLC

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

Providing finance and capital to technology, entertainment, real estate, energy, and health care companies.

Our Mission

Ivy League Capital’s mission is to provide investment capital to small and mid-size companies through different stages of the business cycle. Our company has deployed millions of dollars of capital to help both start-ups and mature enterprises develop their deliverables

Gain Capital Financing or an Equity Partner

Film / Entertainment

Los Angeles provides ample opportunity for investments in film, music, television, and streaming platforms. Ivy League Capital has provided significant start up financing for multiple projects across the country including isparked, Redwire, and Inferno studios.


Financing for oil and natural gas in addition to renewable energy financing projects is available. Our largest collaboration has been with the Texas Blessed Oil and Natural gas well, an $20M project.

Real Estate

Both residential and commercial real-estate financing has been applied in the past. Our model is to partner with revenue generating real estate opportunities. Past partners include Taylor Financial Investments in Pasadena.

About the CEO

Savoy Brummer MD has been on the BOD and VP of business development for various healthcare organizations that produced over $1 Billion in revenue.

Dr. Brummer has partnered with numerous private equity and venture capitalist opportunities totaling over $100M

Dr. Brummer trained at the University of Pennsylvania after going to medical school at NYU.


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